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Africas Hunters - The Hungry Leopard
Aflevering 1: The Hungry Leopard

A revolutionary thermal camera reveals the secret world of nocturnal predators. Follow along as one of the oldest known leopards struggles to survive her fearsome neighbours a pride of scavenging lion...

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Africas Hunters - A Leopards Last Stand
Aflevering 2: A Leopards Last Stand

A wise, old leopard reigns over the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. She holds her own against lions, but is about to face her most serious challenge the arrival of a younger, nomadic female leopard. Witness...

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Africas Hunters - Bound By Blood
Aflevering 3: Bound By Blood

Dry season in Zambia means new life for the Nsefu pride of lions along the Luangwa River. From their first day on earth to the playful days of youth, see how new cubs rely on the strong bond of the en...

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Africas Hunters - The Misfits
Aflevering 4: The Misfits

In an extraordinary story of love and betrayal, a young lion cub is cast out from the pride for being the runt of the litter. To survive, he must conquer overwhelming hardships. In this part of Zambia...

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Africas Hunters - Teenage Pride
Aflevering 5: Teenage Pride

Adolescence isnt easy for lions. Learning how to hunt and establishing ones place amongst the pride are just two of the challenges young felines have to face. And when an encounter with water buffalo ...

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Africas Hunters - Survivors Of The Plains
Aflevering 6: Survivors Of The Plains

In clans of spotted hyenas, larger females call the shots while smaller males live peripheral lives. Meet a family suffering through drought, a mother struggling to provide for her cubs, and an orphan...

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Over de serie

Genres: Documentaire
Jaar: 2016
Africas Hunters


A captivating, character driven look at Zambias formidable predators. A misfit lion finds his place within the pride, an older leopard faces a younger rival, and hyenas suffer through devastating drought. Through it all, these clans stick together.

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