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Amazing Animal Friends - Born to be Different
Aflevering 1: Born to be Different

Meet six animal pairs who have developed unusual attachments. From a duck who overcame his fear of water thanks to a lake loving dog to an orphaned deer who found friendship with a herd of cows, their...

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Amazing Animal Friends - A Friend in Need
Aflevering 2: A Friend in Need

When in need, animals sometimes turn to other species for companionship. See how a U.S. turkey who escaped dinner pairs up with a rescue dog, tiny U.K. songbirds raise a cuckoo chick, and a lonely mee...

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Amazing Animal Friends - The Young Ones
Aflevering 3: The Young Ones

The instinct to protect young ones is hard to suppress. Marvel at the way animals, both male and female, care for babies of other species. Meet a lonely rabbit who babysits lambs, and a little rescued...

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Amazing Animal Friends - Beast Buddies
Aflevering 4: Beast Buddies

Animals need companionship, just like humans, and these odd couples found it in species outside their own. Meet a miniature pig who befriends an outcast dog, and an orphaned baby kangaroo who shares a...

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Amazing Animal Friends - Creature Comforts
Aflevering 5: Creature Comforts

Support animals for humans are common, but when they support other species, things get a little wild. Meet a troop of monkeys who invite three rescue cats into their home in a rescue centre, and a pla...

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Amazing Animal Friends - To The Rescue
Aflevering 6: To The Rescue

Rescue animals share a unique bond. Encounter these odd animal pals, including a bison who befriends a young calf, and an antelope who bonds with a young calf, as they team up to heal and sometimes re...

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Over de serie

Genres: Documentaire
Jaar: 2020
Love Nature
Amazing Animal Friends


Revealing the ways animals can surprise us, this heart warming series showcases incredible stories of unusual friendships around the world. Discover the bonds between species that shouldnt get along but somehow make their special relationships work.

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