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Arabian Seas - Carnivores Of The Coral Garden
Aflevering 1: Carnivores Of The Coral Garden

The seas are alive with carnivores. Meet the sharks and rays who patrol the coral reefs, hunting down their prey. Learn about toxic fish who disguise themselves to ambush the unwary, and armoured pred...

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Arabian Seas - Magicians Of The Reef
Aflevering 2: Magicians Of The Reef

Arabias coral reefs are home to some of natures most impressive illusionists. Creatures can pulsate with colour, transform in the blink of an eye, or perform riveting displays of showmanship. Because ...

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Arabian Seas - Island Feast
Aflevering 3: Island Feast

Off the coast of Oman, summer weather drives nutrients in from the ocean depths where they meet the Arabian sun, causing an explosion of life. Smaller fish spawn, filling the waters with eggs. This cr...

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Arabian Seas - Defenders Of The Reef
Aflevering 4: Defenders Of The Reef

Its summer in the Gulf of Oman. The scorching Arabian sun heats the shallow waters to 86 degrees boosting the growth of algae across a vast coral reef. This attracts thousands of hungry herbivores cre...

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Arabian Seas - A Turtles Legacy
Aflevering 5: A Turtles Legacy

The sea turtle is one of the oldest animals on earth. These ancient mariners even pre date the dinosaurs. They have existed, relatively unchanged, for over 100 million years. But now, all seven of the...

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Genres: Documentaire
Jaar: 2017
Arabian Seas


Discover the remarkable marine world of the Arabian Peninsula, from the coral reefs of Oman to the turtle hatching grounds of Masirah. This aquatic paradise is home to thousands of fascinating creatures, revealing a habitat of incredible diversity.

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