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Dirty Old Cars - Daddy's Maverick
Aflevering 1: Daddy's Maverick

Across America, thousands of vehicles are trapped under layers of muck and decay. And now, the top detailing shops in the nation take on the grime.

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Dirty Old Cars - Goat Mobile
Aflevering 2: Goat Mobile

A minivan filled with melted crayons, trash and hay must be scrubbed, sanitised and decontaminated. Then, a Cutlass Supreme is in dire need of a 'supreme' cleaning in order to live up to its name.

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Dirty Old Cars - The Snaked Pit
Aflevering 3: The Snaked Pit

A waterlogged, mould-riddled Jeep Cherokee needs a major rescue after years of neglect. Then, a snake-infested Plymouth Duster must be transformed from a reptile den into a show-stopping ten.

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Dirty Old Cars - Rat Pack-Ard
Aflevering 4: Rat Pack-Ard

A Packard filled with dead rodents must be taken from putrid to pristine to make a profit. Then, a neglected '89 Porsche Carrera covered in dirt and grime needs to be handled with care to restore it t...

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Dirty Old Cars - Hurst So Good
Aflevering 5: Hurst So Good

A crusty old Pontiac Silver Streak must be taken from rags to riches in order to turn a profit. Then, an extremely rare but rusted Chrysler 300 Hurst will need an extensive polish and shine to realise...

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Dirty Old Cars - Rolls To Riches
Aflevering 6: Rolls To Riches

A rare forgotten Rolls Royce gets the royal treatment and becomes a rolling beauty once again. In North Carolina a classic Ford Pick-up is resurrected after years hidden in a barn.

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Dirty Old Cars - Nasty
Aflevering 7: Nasty

In North Carolina a maggot-infested pick-up crawls into the shop and rises from the dead. Meanwhile in Georgia a vandalised classic Mercedes comes clean.

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Dirty Old Cars - Boss For A Day
Aflevering 8: Boss For A Day

In North Carolina, owner Jamie lets Caleb take charge. Meanwhile in Minnesota a 65 Chevy Impala gets all wrapped up and ready to roar.

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Dirty Old Cars - Stinky Kitty
Aflevering 9: Stinky Kitty

In Minnesota, Jeremy and his team take on their worst-smelling vehicle yet - a Mercury Cougar filled with over 15 years of cat pee. Then, in North Carolina a Toyota 4-Runner covered in dog hair finall...

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Dirty Old Cars - Cockroach City
Aflevering 10: Cockroach City

In Georgia a cockroach infested 1940s Ford goes from disgusting to deluxe. Then, in North Carolina a beat-up BMW is transformed into a bright, shiny beamer.

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Dirty Old Cars - Ick factor
Aflevering 11: Ick factor

In Minnesota, Jeremy recruits his daughter to clean a '63 Imperial with over three decades of dirt, decay and rodents. Then in Georgia, a soiled Camaro Super Sport is in need of an extensive extractio...

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Dirty Old Cars - Rancid Ram
Aflevering 12: Rancid Ram

In Minnesota a '65 Chevy Corvair that's been through a tornado gets a whirlwind makeover. Then in Georgia, a rancid Dodge Ram goes from mouldy mess to majestic.

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Dirty Old Cars - Trashed Trans AM
Aflevering 13: Trashed Trans AM

In North Carolina, a beat up '68 Bronco is in need of a substantial makeover in order to transform it into a stunning stallion. Then, in Minnesota, a trashed Trans AM may be more trouble than it's wor...

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Dirty Old Cars - Smoking Hot Charger
Aflevering 14: Smoking Hot Charger

In Minnesota a cigarette infested '73 Dodge Charger goes from an ashtray on wheels to smoking hot. Then, in Georgia, a foul-smelling Acura covered in food and trash comes clean.

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Dirty Old Cars - Rat Resort
Aflevering 15: Rat Resort

In North Carolina a forgotten '53 Crestline goes from rat resort to regal ride. Then, in Minnesota, Jeremy and his team try to get decades' worth of dust and dirt extracted from a special edition Must...

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Dirty Old Cars - The Batmobile
Aflevering 16: The Batmobile

In Minnesota, a '57 Dodge Coronet taken over by raccoons needs some TLC to get it looking like the Batmobile. Then, in North Carolina, a neglected Honda Accord goes from dreadful to dazzling.

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Dirty Old Cars - Zoo Poo
Aflevering 17: Zoo Poo

In Minnesota, an almost 100-year-old Model A filled with crickets needs a major overhaul to see its true potential. Then, in Georgia, Knoxy and Wu aren't monkeying around when they disinfect a horrend...

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Dirty Old Cars - Retch Ranger
Aflevering 18: Retch Ranger

In North Carolina, Jamie hopes to put a Honda CRX that's literally in pieces back together. Then, in Georgia, Knoxy tries to flip a repulsive Ford Ranger that's more trouble than it's worth.

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Dirty Old Cars - Road Trip Ready
Aflevering 19: Road Trip Ready

In Minnesota, a customer wants his crusty Cabriolet transformed into a roadworthy vehicle he can take cross-country with his dad. Then in Georgia, Knoxy and Wu try to turn an atrocious Accord into a h...

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Dirty Old Cars - Swamp Thing
Aflevering 20: Swamp Thing

In North Carolina, Jamie transforms a mouldy Hummer into a show stunner. Then, in Georgia, a disgusting Dodge Dakota is cleansed of years of algae, sediments and rat poop.

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Over de serie

Genres: Documentaire
The History Channel
Dirty Old Cars


Dirty Old Cars follows the passionate owners and staff of three different detailing shops: Unique Classic Cars in Mankato, Minnesota; Visual Perfection in Morganton, North Carolina; and Red's Detail Co. in Marietta, Georgia; as they hunt down dirty and often unrecognizable 4-wheeled gems. The teams then either buy, clean and flip or clean for hire some of the most disgusting critter-infested cars in the country. Each half-hour episode features two before and after reveals as viewers witness jaw-dropping cleaning processes and amazing transformations that make these cars sparkle like new.

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