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Clash of Ancient Warriors - The Battle Of The Teutoburg Forest
Aflevering 4: The Battle Of The Teutoburg Forest

Het is één van de grootste veldslagen uit de Oudheid. Drie Romeinse legioenen lopen in de val van Arminius en de Duitsers in het Teutoburgerwoud.

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Genres: Documentaire
Clash of Ancient Warriors


Clash of Ancient Warriors is a series that uses modern science to investigate the mysteries of the most legendary battles from ancient times. Spartans vs Persians in the battle o Thermoplyae, Hannibal vs Rome in the battle of Cannae, The Knights Templar vs Saladdin’s riders at Mongisard, Greeks vs Trojans in the siege of Troy…Military genius and epic battles have led the greatest civilisations to the pinnacle of glory…or the brink of collapse. Join scientists as they hunt for the hidden clues and traces of titanic clashes that could unlock the truth about how one army triumphed and changed the course of history. Unfolding s a countdown to annihilation, each episode builds on the scientist’s investigation to retrace, hour by hour, the dramatic chain of events that ultimately led one side to a bloody victory.

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